Monday, 6 December 2010

A Stitch in Time

As a break from jewellery making, I nipped down the road for a breath of fresh (albeit very cold) air this morning to see what the charity shops had in store.

None of them had anything of real interest in them apart from the bookshop, where I picked up a couple of story books.

I love the cover of the girls' annual - very 1950s and reminds me of Brigitte Bardot! Its full of stories such as Carolyn Joins the Upper Fourth, The Girl Who Spoke French and The Reluctant Imposter - ripping stuff!

Tucked away in the handicrafts section I found a 1970s magazine about soft toys with patterns inside. The toys look so characterful and I can't wait to have a go at one: either the pig or the owl.

I also found a couple of  'Needlewoman and Needlecraft' magazines from the 1950s...

... and a very chic sweater knitting pattern.

However, the find that really made my day was this collection of vintage embroidery transfers stuffed into a very dog-eared envelope. The transfers range from 1933 through to the 1960s and there are also some still tucked into a envelope with 'animal transfers' handwritten onto the front.


These transfers only cost me a pound, but I found it poignant that someone's little collection amassed throughout the decades has ended up in an oddments bin on the floor of a charity shop. Well, they've found a good home now.

All I have to do is learn to embroider!


  1. Lovely cover on the annual. What great finds. I have a few 1970s soft toys books, I can never resist them. One day I'll get round to making something!
    Hen x

  2. What do you mean 'nothing of real interest' the knitting pattern alone interests me!. I vote for the owl.
    Know what you mean about the poignancy , but eventually every thing finds the right home

  3. LOVE the transfers! What a find, lucky you.

  4. Fabulous finds - I have lots of vintage knitting patterns, it's like reading social history. And the toys pattern - we actually still have the yellow owl I made from that very pattern for my son. He's 24. And as for the annual - I recently bought a job lot of "Chalet School" stories from a charity shop and wolfed the lot!

  5. Splendid haul again VK! What beady eyes you have for spotting choice morsels ;)

  6. You lucky thing with al those buys
    Julie xxxxxx

  7. You can really find some goodies!


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