Saturday, 18 December 2010

Festive fun for a Saturday

We went into town this morning to buy Monkeychild this year's special tree decoration. Its a little tradition that I started back in 2006 for her first Christmas; each year I buy Monkeychild  a tree ornament  from Catherine Shinn's beautiful shop in Cheltenham. Catherine has turned her shop into a wonderfully festive grotto full of German glass tree ornaments; she is such a lovely and welcoming lady too that it makes shopping there a pleasure.

I love the toadstools!

Choosing one was difficult!

The witch was the first one I brought back in 2006 and the owl is this year's newest addition
After stopping off for a cup of tea and a cupcake, we kicked our way back through the town's snow filled parks, finding a carrot-nosed snowman en-route!

We've put up the decorations to Monkeychild's delight and this has given me the chance to use the vintage cardboard crib scene that I brought from a charity shop for a pound earlier this year. Although the backdrop is missing the majority of the pieces are still present, but it was blooming fiddly to put together as you have to slot very well-worn tabs into tiny slots - hence its lopsided appearence.

I think Joseph has a look of Charlton Heston about him!
I've also taken out from my needlework stash in the airing cupboard, my festive placemats. The embroidery and applique work on them is amazing and so neat!

On the finds front, I brought six blue Meakin Glamour Celeste dessert plates from a market stall a week ago, which has boosted my utility china collection. I love using my utility ware on a daily basis and try not to get too precious about them, although I was well miffed when I chipped a large piece off one of my Woods Ware Jasmine dinner plates a few days ago!

To end this entry, I thought I'd post this very festive 1930s advert for Robertson's Mincemeat thats printed on the back off one of my vintage 'Good Needlework' books. 


  1. Lovely pics. I'm loving the witch and owl best of all.

  2. I have gone pale and then green with envy at the advert on the back of your book! You should colour scan and print it on some nice paper, frame it, and make it one of your christmas decorations! Well - thats what I would be doing! Also - I need to find me a decoration shop like yours! I am snow bound today - so I have not had the chance to get anything last minutes. Pants to you snow!!!!

  3. Ooh, love those toadstool decorations. I keep hearing good things about Catherine's shop, I must get along for a look before Christmas.
    The owl was a very good choice this year!
    (p.s. did you manage a quick look at the arts market on the Promenade? It's on tomorrow (Sunday) too...Hate the thought of you not having something to look at! Ho, ho... ;)

  4. Do you know I did that with my boys. I bought them one decoration each when they were growing up right up till they were 18yrs in fact. Now they each have their decorations for their own trees. I love the witch tree decoration she is so pretty. I love the Nativity Scene - where are these charity shops where these lovely things are found?
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  5. Ah, I thought I'd seen a blog with toadstool decorations - my mum took me to Dobbie's earlier and I spotted some and just had to get them hehe! Love your witch one :)


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