Friday, 5 November 2010

Lovely Finds & a New Knitting Project

After dropping Monkeychild off at school this morning I decided to do a bit of bargain hunting and came away with some lovely finds that I thought I'd share with you all.

I've been hankering after some salt and pepper shakers like these for ages and promptly snapped them up; they're just my sort of thing:

I also brought some books for Monkeychild to read when she's older and a few vintage magazines about  trains, which I shall be giving to someone who appreciates the nostalgia of a diesel engine (I prefer the chug of a steam engine myself).

Luckily, I only have one little mischief!

I was pleased to find this wonderful children's craft book from 1955, which is full of great things to make including some very seasonal Christmas decorations that I'll set Monkeychild to work on. I have to admit that I'm of the "Bah! Humbug!" brigade when it comes to Christmas (you'll hear more about this as the season approaches), but now daughter is of an age to become excited about it all I've had to relegate my curmudgeonly attitude and give in to all most things festive.

Here's another addition to the tin collection that I found hard to resist ...

...and I thought this might be of use to put the Christmas tree (it will be a very small one) in!

Right, I'm off to settle down on the sofa with my new knitting project (and attempt knitting cables), a big mug of tea, a plate of Bourbon biscuits and watch 'Went the Day Well'.

Whatever you're doing, I hope you have a great weekend; see you next week!


  1. What lovely finds. Love the Cruet set, and the childrens craft book that is very interesting.
    May I join you with my knitting and watch the film.......?
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. I would have bought the salt and pepper shakers too!

  3. There are so many things to love about this post. All your finds are gorgeous particulary the salt and pepper set (I used to collect salt and pepper sets) and that 1950s craft book looks right up my street. That cardie is stunning, good luck to you on the cable front!

    I, too, am not a fan of Xmas at all, and our Xmas tree is a very small silver affair which I drag out (grumpily) year after year for other members in the household to decorate. Here's to the Bah Humbug Brigade!

  4. Oooh, loving the film...want to see the rest of it now...

  5. What a haul! I adore the cruet set, I'd have snapped that up like a shpt and those books are wonderful. The old craft books are just wonderful, aren't they. You'll have to share Monkeychild's creations on the blog. xxx

  6. What a haul, well done that Vintage Knitter! We used to have an identical salt & pepper set when I was a child but we threw them away. And that craft book... I learned to read and write with Ladybird Books and my collection of them is now my most treasured thing, with The Boys coming a close second.
    I too love the film Went the Day Well; actually there's nothing on the telly tonight....

  7. Love those shakers! And I'm very taken with that cardigan pattern too - I'm looking for something like that myself.

  8. Love the books. I collect tins too. I a great week end too :-)

  9. What a trove of veritable loveliness. You lucky gal! Nothing better than a bag for life full to decent rummage!

  10. Great finds! Love the salt and pepper shakers and the tin is gorgeous X


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