Friday, 19 November 2010

Hand in glove

One of the best things about winter is being able to wear the armwarmers that I've knitted complete with matching nail polish. The armwarmers are knitted on four double-pointed needles using 4 ply sock yarn; once you get into the rhythm its a project you can do whilst watching a good tv programme like Kirstie's Homemade Home or Turn Back Time - The High Street.

I've just completed knitting a fourth pair, which will be a Christmas present for a friend. The thing is, these are so easy to knit and the yarn colouway choices so wide than I find knitting them very addictive; I've already brought the yarn for my next pair!

My pair knitted in Colinette's Jitterbug 'Velvet Olive'

My friend's Christmas present

Gorgeous yarn ready for the next pair!

I'm always tearing pictures out of magazines of things that I find inspiring or pinning things onto my pinboard in my crafts room; however, I've found a great site which allows you to have virtual pinboards onto which you can 'pin' anything from the web or your hard drive. Its called Pinterest and I'm finding it really useful; check out my link on the left - I hope you'll find it as fun as I do.

My homemade pin board  has now lost out to 'Pinterest'!
 Also, I'd just like to thank Wendy at The Butterfly Balcony for my blog award, and if you're into vintage check out Wendy's blog too; her vintage knits page gets a thumbs up from me.


  1. I love them! Just what I'm after to wear with my capes as my wrists get so chilly and I can still wear all my rings. You are so clever, I bet my attempts at these would be pitiful.
    Is that a spot of Barry M you're wearing on your nails? It's fabulous. xxx

  2. Love them! I had never thought of arm warmers before - but perfect for keeping warm from wrist to elbow underneath a jacket :)

  3. I really ought to get a pinboard......all of the things I pull out are either mixed up in my craft basket or in a pile in a drawer!


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