Monday, 29 November 2010

Flowers in the Attic

I've spent the past week redecorating our attic bedroom, inspired by the colours of a beautiful floral bedspread that Mum recently brought for us. I painted the majority of the walls in Farrow & Ball's 'Pointing' and then picked out the deepest pink in the bedspread and matched it with Dulux's 'Garnet Symphony 3' to use in the recess between the two chimneybreasts and on a single wall.

All the furniture in our bedroom is either car boot, reclamation yard or auction buys. The two table lamps are car boot bargains from the late 1980s, my favourite being the 1970s one. I also have a matching chrome standard lamp that I brought at a different boot sale, which I think I paid a fiver for at the time; however, the plastic lampshade is broken and I think I'm pushing my luck to ever find another original lampshade - but perhaps I'll be third time lucky! The swing mirror was one of my first ever auction buys and rests on top of an old chest of drawers that I had in my childhood bedroom.

As our bedroom doesn't have any heating, it can get a bit chilly in the winter, so I've dug out another boot sale bargain: my feather eiderdown, which does make a difference (combined with my trusty hotwater bottle!).


  1. A beautiful room. I love the bedspread, you've reminded me of the one my Gran made, I must get round to repairing it!

  2. Looks lushious! And so organinsed and tidy. I really need to take a leaf - or a whole bush - out of your book!

  3. What a gorgeous room. That red is so cosy and opulent and the patchwork quilt is beautiful. I love that 1970's lamp, it reminds me of my BHS bedside light I had as a child, it was orange plastic but exactly the same shape. xxx

  4. Love the colour, the bedspread and the 1970s lamp. All gorgeous. Is that a little figure of Ganesh I see on your bedside cabinet. If it is, I've got one almost identical; if it isn't, oops sorry I've got terrible eyesight!

  5. Thanks for all your comments everyone, I'm really pleased how its turned out and its quite surprising how the colour warms up the room.

    Loo - yes, you're right it is Ganesh. Husband brought it as a memento from our first foreign holiday together (Cyprus not India!).

    Liza x

  6. Your Bedroom looks really warm, love the colour and I love the bedspreads they are beautiful
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Ooh yes, that looks lovely!Great choice of red...


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