Sunday, 31 October 2010

A True Story for Hallowe'en

If you're a regular follower of my blog, you might remember me mentioning that I once lived in an apparently haunted house in a previous post. Well, as its Hallowe'en, I thought that I would tell you all about my spooky experiences. Get ready, its a long one....

In the early 1990s I lived in a late nineteenth century mid-terraced house, part of a row of former brewery workers' houses. My then boyfriend and I moved in and everything seemed okay and to be honest, I was too busy renovating the house to pay much attention to anything else. We got on well with the neighbours on one side who were a similar age to us, but for some reason the elderly neighbours on the otherside disliked us from day one despite all our attempts to be friendly; perhaps it was the boyfriend's long hair and heavy metal t-shirts that frightened them off!

Anyway, the friendly neighbours' cats starting calling round and made themselves at home; however, neither cat would hardly ever go into the front bedroon and if they did, they would just go completely loopy and run around as if possessed!

I sometimes began to feel as though I was being watched when I was in the kitchen (the kitchen and back room had been merged into one room) and I felt as though a man had walked into the room and was leaning against the fireplace, watching me. I always had the distinct impression that 'it' was male.

What made it even more odd, was that one of the cats would sit on the kitchen worktop appearing to watch someone walk into the room; his head and eyes would seem to follow this 'person' to the exact spot where I felt them to be when I had my back turned. I never felt scared or nervous in anyway when this happened; whenever I felt the presence, I began to talk to 'him', saying things like "hello, are you back again?" and such like.

One night, I went to go into the bathroom, but didn't put the landing light on as the hallway light was on below, so upstairs was unlit but not entirely blacked out. I pushed the bathroom door open and suddenly heard an almighty crash come from within the bathroom. Now this was a pretty big crash and I immediately thought "oh no, Dad's bottle has fallen from the shelf into the bath and broken". This is an old glass stopper bottle that Dad had given to me and has great sentimental value.

My treasured glass bottle - subject of paranormal activity?
 I reached for the light-pull, turned the bathroom light on and for some reason looked down at my feet. In the gap between my big toes lay the glass stopper from the bottle, just as though someone had place it there. I looked behind the door into the bath and found that it was empty; nothing had fallen into the bath or anywhere else in the room to explain what the loud crash had been. I then looked on the shelf which was positioned both above the bath and behind the bathroom door, to find my glass bottle undisturbed and in its usual place behind the shampoo bottles.

Nothing had been moved on the shelf and there was no way that the stopper could have been pushed out of the bottle (which has a very tight neck on it) and been projected from its place on the shelf behind the bathroom door, around the door itself to land exactly between my toes. Objects cannot fall or be thrown around corners!

I was incredulous and felt in no way scared. I immediately ran downstairs to tell my boyfriend what had happened. He wasn't much interested and thought it was my 'imagination'!

Anyway, I didn't tell anyone else and pretty much forgot about it until one day, when I was talking to our friendly neighbour who asked me if I thought anything was wrong with our house. Now, I thought she was talking about our hostile neighbours on the other side and began to moan about the miserable buggers. She said she didn't mean them, but she had seen the figure of an old man on the stairs in her house and also in her bedroom. When she saw him the once in the bedroom, he had passed through the wall, which separated their bedroom from our front one - the one which the cats didn't like.

 I then told her about my experiences and that I never felt threatened or anything; just an odd sensation that someone was watching me. However, my neighbour said that she found the 'ghost' threatening and was scared by it.

Me in front of the fireplace where I used to sense 'it' standing and staring at me

Apart from the 'usual' watching sensation, nothing else happend. Eventually the boyfriend and I broke up and I moved out. He never believed me about my experiences in the house and I'll leave you all to draw your own conclusions.


  1. Lordy, that is one spooky tale. It's good that you weren't freaked out by it but I, personally, would be!

  2. OOOOHHHHH! I love that tale (probably not so much if it were me in the centre of story though!). Same time, same place next week VK for another installment please?

  3. Interesting tale! I love reading of people who have had a similar experience to me with feeling like a male presence is in the room. I once stayed at a friends to look after her little boy. I woke in the night, thinking that she had come home early because I could hear someone coming up the stairs. I didn't have the energy to chit chat with a drunken chum, so I went back to sleep. But not deep sleep - that kind of sleep where you are just about to drop and things suddenly become very loud? I felt as though a man was leaning over me, dressed in a 3 piece with a pocket watch and glasses. Like he was inspecting me. When I spoke to my friend in the morning, she told me that her toddler son spent most mornings chatting away to someone he called "Mr Doctor". I must confess, I was TOTALLY spooked. *shiver*

  4. Firstly, I love that picture of you back in the day, you hot little minx!
    Secondly your experiences are fascinating and freakily like mine. Our middle room is the one our cats act very oddly in, they run around like nutters and both Jon and I have seen a black cat walking up the stairs (which lead off the room) and disapearing into thin air.
    When I mentioned these odd occurences to my Mum last year she asked if this was in the middle room as apparently a man had hung himself there in the last century.
    After Mum died a perfume bottle of hers literally flew off a shelf some distance from where I was and hit me on the back, not breaking, but leaving a huge bruise...spooky.

  5. Great Halloween story ! Sometimes these unresolved stories can haunt us for years.

  6. Thanks for all your comments and also for your own spooky stories, which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! Yours is really creepy LandGirl especially when the toddler talked to Mr Doctor! Vix - thanks for the compliment, I think it must have been an 'Edwards' night! Your experiences are just like mine, I bet we could talk for hours about ghostly tales. My Mum's side of the family are quite 'sensitive' to such things. Also, the bottle reminds me of an experience my friend had a couple of years ago. Her Polish mother-in-law died and according to Polish tradition, the person who has just died will make a knocking sound to let their family know that they are at peace. Anyway, it was a few weeks after her mother-in-law had died and my friend was woken up by the sound of two knocks. She said that she had felt a bit spooked but also comforted too.

  7. That is spooky! When we first moved into this house I used to smell pipe tobacco smoke when I walked past our dining room (which used to be the sitting room of the original cottage). After we knocked walls down & changed it to a kitchen I never noticed it again so maybe "he" didn't like us altering things & moved out?
    It wasn't a scary feeling as that room has always felt warm & welcoming.


  8. I adore your blog !

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