Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

I love shoes and if they're vintage that's even better. One of my favourite pairs is the suede ones below that date from the 1930s. I brought them for a tenner back in the 80s and have carefully worn them ever since (avoiding rainy days though). However, when I last wore them earlier this year to the Forties Family Festival at Bletchley Park the suede tore on one of the straps and is sadly un-mendable (is that a word?!).

So, there I was browsing on the net when I came across this amazing American site called Remix Vintage Shoes. They sell reproduction vintage-style shoes and I'm sold on these styles:

I think that the above website will find its way onto Santa's list for this Christmas!


  1. What fabulous shoes! I'm sorely tempted with the top pair, just the right degree of bling.
    Are you sure the top ones are unrepairable? Have you got a family-run cobblers nearby? Ours is a wizz at repairing some of the wrecks I take in.
    PS Good luck jumbling., I'm sending you lucky vibes.

  2. Thanks for the link....the flat black are just up my line.

  3. Lovely shoes I had an original pair of 30's years ago I wish I had kept them :) thanks for the link
    Cate x

  4. I love your shoes - that style is my favourite!
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. Oh I do love shoes & the styles you have shown here are gorgeous!
    I have been looking for a nice pair of brogues & found a wonderful pair today.

  6. I love Remix shoes. I can never make up my mind which pair to have! x


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