Friday, 8 October 2010

All The Colours Of The Rainbow & More...

Monkeychild and I drove over to Corinium Museum in Cirencester today to view the Tony Meeuwissen exhibition and also to give Monkeychild an introduction to Roman history.

I  absolutely love Meeuwissen's paintings; they're so detailed and above all, original and thoughtful. You can see why the Royal Mail have commissioned him to create stamp designs for them. Who wouldn't have been happy to receive one of these minature masterpieces adorning their letter?

Regular followers may remember me name checking Meeuwissen in my recent post about Woodbine cigarettes. Well, here's the book that I mentioned complete with a scaled down version of the cover in the form of a cigarette box - clever huh?

There are so many beautiful pieces on display, but I'll finish with my favourites, these chocolate boxes. Forget about the chocolate, I'll have the boxes instead.


  1. I could never forget chocolate, but I agree with you - those boxes are beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the into to this guys work - its great! I love stamps too so I'm going to have to see when these were issued and get my hands on one.

  3. That looks great - we lived in Cirencester for years, and now nearby and I'm ashamed to say we've never been! You've inspired me to go and visit!

  4. I love that artwork, so psychedellic and retro-tastic.
    I haven't been to Cirencester since a school trip with my A Level Latin class, I must go back. xxx

  5. I'm hoping to get along to see this. Um, those chocolate boxes have put me in the mood for a wee square of Old Jamaica chocolate... ;)


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