Friday, 3 September 2010

New Light Through Old Windows

On my way back this lunchtime from picking up Monkeychild from her second day at school, I noticed that a house a couple of doors up from ours is having its original sash windows replaced with Upvc windows *shudder*. Now, the replacement of original windows on period houses - be they sash, casement, even metal 'Crittal' ones, - with Upvc monstrosities is a personal bĂȘte noire. One of the reasons why we brought our house was for its period features, including all the original sashes. I have a lot of fun with cold callers who try to persuade me to replace them, so much so, that Husband tells me off for winding them up!

Anyway, on the pathway outside the house was a complete sash window, so I asked the glaziers if I could have it if the householders didn't mind. They said yes and that it wasn't in particularly good condition (ha, I thought, you haven't seen ours!), so I picked up the panes and carried them back, whilst attracting curious looks from the parents of Monkeychild's new classmates!

So here they are and we'll use them to replace our kitchen window, the frame of  which contains more filler than wood!

P.S. I'm going to have another wander past this afternoon and see if I can nab any more!


  1. Clever you for noticing the windows.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Good find, that'll save you a packet.
    I'm with you on the UPVC. Luckily we live in a conservation area and they're banned but my last house in a mid-Victorian terrace was one of the few with it's original front door and sash windows intact. We were constantly inundated by double-glazing salesmen trying to sell us plastic...ekkkk! xxx

  3. You go girl! Hate those plastic windows... my mother in law had her windows replaced and what an ugly mess. I took some of the old wooden ones to do projects with and wish now I had taken more. Wood is good! Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks folks - I did go back, but the glaziers had finished for the day and nothing else was to be had. Anyway, I'm pleased with my windows and have added 'kitchen window replacement' to Husband's ever increasing list of d.i.y jobs.

  5. Recycling at it's finest! Excellent stuff...

  6. I'm with you 100% on the horrors of plastic windows. Our sash windows are over 100 years old and doing remarkably well, if a little drafty!
    we once salvaged an old sash frame and made it into a mirror.

  7. Brilliant recycling! Sadly we had to have our old windows replaced as they were completely rotten.


  8. Good for you! I also snaffle old windows to make cold frames for the garden.

  9. This post made me chuckle as I've had interesting coversations with door to door salesmen who've dared to insult my sash windows. Keep the flag flying for the sash!



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