Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Tins of the Week: No. 5 - Thornes & Radiance Toffees

This week I have an apology to make folks, as after some arm chair sleuthing I haven't been able to find out hardly anything about the companies or characters behind either Thornes or Radiance Toffees, hence the reason why I'm grouping them together and the rather brief summary below.

The blue tin was brought for me by my Dad when I was little
Both the Henry Thorne Company Ltd and the Radiance Company were based in South Yorkshire, with the Thornes factory located in Lady Lane in Leeds and the Radiance factory in Doncaster. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the production of foodstuffs in South Yorkshire was one of the important industries central to the local economy alongside engineering, metal founderies, mining. 

This tin once held the very glamourous sounding 'Riviera Assortment' - I wonder what the flavours were?
As mentioned in my previous post about Blue Bird Toffee, image was all important as the market was full of confectionery firms selling toffee products. Thornes used the charming logo of a little girl telling a dog that the toffees were "Too good for you, Spot!" between the 1920s and 30s. Very cute!

This was a 5p jumble sale bargain a couple of years ago!
Well that's just about wraps it up! 

Sorry its a bit sparse this week, but at least the tins are lovely to look at!


  1. Oh, the Thornes tin is adorable, what a sweet little girl.
    I'm loving the new header. I've got those melamine cups in my collection, too. Not only do we share the same clubbing past but we have great taste too, VK! xxx

  2. So glad you have posted about Thornes. Tamara @ A Treasured Past blogged about her collection the other week, at the time I wondered if they had anything to do with Thorntons,she has lots of tins and different collection I'm sure she would love to hear from you.
    Cate x

    don't you think some cs are a bit like supermarkets now dreadful

  3. I've been enjoying your tin posts. I have a couple of Thorne's ones but different from yours...

  4. The tin illustrations are beautiful, particularly the little girl and the dog!
    Tamzin X

  5. How could anyone fail to admire a women who has a Tin of the Week feature. Absolutely lovely.


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