Saturday, 28 August 2010

Plastique Fantastique

Today I drove up to nearby Toddington to visit the Cotswold Vintage Fair and had an enjoyable time looking at all the colourful stalls. I had to show a bit of restraint in the purse department though, but couldn't resist buying a 1930s phenolic plastic carved bangle, which is bold and beautiful - just how I like my jewellery!

I also treated myself to a quirky French bakelite box as I was drawn to the swirly purpley-green colour and the gaudy red roses on the lid. Apparently, it was originally used for chocolates and as its quite sizeable, it must have held quite a few pounds worth of confectionary! It even has a lock on it - probably used to keep out the hands of chocolate loving enfants!

There were a lot of textiles at the fair and I came away with a piece of embroidery and a fantastic table cloth  with my favourite flowers on it: lilacs.

Lovely lilacs!

Its all been rather busy recently, especially as Monkeychild starts primary school in September. However, we have fitted in a few picnics, which gave me the opportunity to use our vintage hamper and fill it up with all sorts of picnic goodies - including our family favourite: Tunnocks Teacakes! Although, one of our picnic trips was marred by the breakage of one of the original Thermos flasks that came with the hamper. Husband dropped it and the ominous sound of broken glass signalled the end of its tea-warming life. Luckily, the hamper came with two so we have one left!

All ready for some al fresco action!

 We also saw Giffords Circus a couple of weeks ago and its still as amazing as ever. This year the performance was based around the life of Yasmine Smart, grand-daughter of the famous circus owner Billy Smart, and included Yasmine performing with her own horses. Monkeychild was well and truly mesmerized, especially when a pair of grey ponies burst into the ring with plumes on their manes. Giffords always has an informal and magical feel to its performances and is very much a vintage-style travelling circus complete with maroon livery'd caravans and classic Bedford lorries (these remind me of travellers' lorries back in the 80s and 90s).

Monkeychild working the boho-chic look in her spotty dress and pink wellies!

On the finds front, I came across a hoard of buttons, which I brought there and then without hesitation. The buttons date from the 1900s onwards and include ones made out of celluloid, casein, glass, mother-of-pearl, bakelite, marcasite and metal.

The stash also included some vintage carded buttons - I like the image on the 'Lucky Lady' ones below.


  1. I like the bracelet and the box. We like Bakelite in our house as we have a very large collection of old brown radios! I have a couple of egg cups and serivette rings, oh and a very large collection of 78's!!!!!

  2. Great finds!Love the picnic hamper.


  3. Too many beautiful things to comment about, I love everything!
    Tamzin X

  4. Great post - I was hoping to go but didn't manage it. Great finds!

  5. Hey, I was there today! I was eyeing up those lovely bakelite bangles too. Maybe we were stood next to each other? Did you try the cake?

  6. Lovely bracelet etc,
    what is it about buttons everyone seems to have a thing for them :)
    Cate x

  7. I adore that bangle, I'd have fought you for it.
    The picnic hamper is divine, what a shame about the flask, the one in there is like nothing I've seen before (and believe me, with Jon's passion for vintage flasks I've seen rather a lot.)
    Monkeychild looks gorgeous! xxx

  8. Thanks for all your comments :-)

    Yeah, the bangle was my favourite buy of the day. I didn't try the the cake, although it did look nice. I had a busy day lined up so I couldn't spend much time there, but next time, I'll keep the day free so I can spend more time browsing!

  9. Thank you for your lovely comment on Milly & Dottie's blog.. just writing this under my other persona Mrs Custard!
    It was lovely to see your finds from the Cotswold Fair. I hope it all went well.

    Michele x
    P.s I like your taste in music...especially Robert Plant, Cat Stevens and Steve Hillage.. great memories of my youth there!

  10. Not sure what to make with my felt parcel may have to surf the web for ideas :)it was a lovely suprise though
    Cate x

  11. love your blog, especially the header image!

  12. What a gorgeous bakelite bangle, and how I miss the fairs in England. While there are some good ones here in Australia, there just isn't the variety of great vintage stuff you find in Britain. Oh well, there are other compensations!


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