Friday, 6 August 2010

Full Steam Ahead

Today we visited our local steam and automotive rally, which is a magnet for a classic car fan like me as there is always a plethora of gorgeous cars there that I would dearly love to own.

I was completely taken with this Jensen CV8. Its body work and black leather interior was a bit tatty (or 'rat' look as its known to enthusiasts), but to me it looked fab. Incidentally, I was going to buy a Jensen  many years ago, but brought a Reliant Scimitar instead; however, thats another story.


The Classic Caravan Owners Club had a good turn out and many had 'tricked out' their interiors with retro items like the owners of this 1970s Eriba:

Loving the kettle - I want one now for cool camping!

Also present was this 1940s Waverley...

...and a 'Cheltenham' caravan identical to the one I used to have as a playhouse at the bottom of the garden when I was little:

I wish we still owned one like this
Being the big kid that I am, I had to have a go on the carousel and then two goes on the dodgems. The brightly coloured carousel paintwork is so beautiful; it must take such skill to restore one of these.

One thing I love about rallies is the sound of the loud steam engines chuffing away and the smell of coal in the air...bliss! There were a lot of vintage showman caravans about like this beauty:

However, I have a soft spot for the simplicity of the roadworkers' huts. This was a lovely example and the couple who restored it to its current glory kindly invited Monkeychild and I inside. It reminded me of the interior of a Romany vardo and was warmed by a little cast iron stove (the heat was welcome on a chilly rainy day like today!). In fact, Husband was so impressed that he has now added the construction of one to his 'To Do' list for 2011-2012! (Don't hold your breath on this one though!).

We had a great family day out and what made it even more special was the fact that people like the owners of the above hut, were happy to talk about their vehicles and the history behind them.


  1. What a good day out, we love classic cars and have a TR6 and a volvo coupe, there is something nice about talking to people who have a passion for there possesions you learn a lot. I love those caravans.
    Cate x

  2. What a lot of fun that looks! I love the fact that people have decked out their caravans with period goodies.


  3. I love the caravans, the 1970s interior looks brilliant. I would love to have room for one at the end of my garden.
    Ann x

  4. Cate - you've got some nice cars - lucky you! Husband and I were big classic car fans even before we met, but although we have modern cars at the moment, plans are afoot to change one for a classic car soon. However, we both have differing tastes in cars!

    Jayne - it makes all the difference when owners do that as it gives it a nice retro touch. I like it when classic car owners do the same and put vintage picnic boxes and magazines on the rear seats at car shows.

    Annie - same here, but we haven't got a drive access to our back garden. My parents have though, so I'm working on them, although Dad isn't too keen.

  5. Oh my goodness, I missed this post! We were lusting after a Jensen Intercepter at a car show in our local park a couple of weekends ago. It was my dream car as a kid and being made in West Bromwich made it extra special for me.
    Jon's had a hankering for an Eriba Puck for a while but with three VW Campers and 2 VW Variants I think he's being a bit greedy.
    I love trawling boot sales for retro camping gear, melamine teasets are my favorites but I'd love an orange kettle like that one. xxx


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