Sunday, 15 August 2010

Fab Finds for the Home Front

Its been a bit busy on the home front recently, but that hasn't stopped me from hunting out a few bargains and giving them a Vintage Knitter-style re-vamp.

A trip last weekend to an antiques centre turned up two very practical finds. Firstly is this gorgeous  little gem of 1950s kitchenalia:

My Homemaker crockery would look great against the grey formica work-top!

It was love at first sight, but as there's no room in our kitchen to fit it in, I decided to leave it (with a pang of regret). However, on discussing it later that night with Husband, we realised that there would be room for the cupboard in our shed, which Husband is going to turn into a garden house next year. 

We drove back to the centre the following day (I was hoping that the cupboard wouldn't have a big 'SOLD' sign on it!) and luckily it was still there, so out came the purse!

The top left cupboard is actually a zinc meat-safe, which I've also lined with 'Fablon'

The cupboard was a bit grubby, so I cleaned it up with sugar soap, did some repainting and lined the drawers and cupboards with some classic red and white spotted 'Fablon' sticky-back plastic. The cupboard will look really great when installed into the finished garden house, but for now its living in my 'crafts' room and housing all the knitting stash.

At the same time I also brought some shelves, which are always handy for storing things on; all I did with these was  sand them down and repaint them in a colour to suit my crafts room.

This week, I've had a few charity shop finds too.

My beloved Britvic pineapple ice bucket which was a car boot sale bargain from the late 80s, has been joined by new family members: a set of Britvic juice glasses. I've also got a Britvic table lamp in the shape of a pineapple hidden away somewhere, so I'll have to dig that out.

All I need now is a vintage bar

I also picked up some Woods Ware 'Iris' plates and a 1970s Portmerion mug with a great vintage image on it; I love the shape of the handle!


  1. What lovely finds! I adore the red cupboard, I can't believe you turned it down the first time. I'm just terrible for buying first and thinking later.
    I'm jealous of the Britvic collection. I'd love a retro cocktail bar, too but unless I find one for peanuts can't really justify yet another piece of furniture.
    Nice work on the shelves.
    I'm stunned to discover that we're not only a similiar age but spent the 1990's clubbing in the same places! We must have bumped shoulders or queued for the loo together loads of times!

  2. Love the cupboard it is absolutely FAB!
    Jule xxxxx

  3. Great finds, the cupboard is great especially the colour. The little shelves are pretty and I love the wallpaper in the background.
    Ann x

  4. Fab finds & the cupboard is wonderful!


  5. Gorgeous finds! The cupboard is just my sort of thing! Would make a lovely sewing/craft cupboard..
    Tamzin X

  6. By george, that cupboard is a good 'un! Nice work

  7. Love the retro cupboard and the Britvic pineapple and glasses are way cool. Great blog by the way can't wait to read more.

    Hester x


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