Monday, 12 July 2010

Too Many Projects - Too Little Time

I didn’t go to any car boot sales this weekend, although I did find this little Bristol Long Line jar made by Pountney & Co. in my local charity shop. I was pleased to find it, as I’ve already got some Pountney in my collection: a larger jar minus its lid, which I keep my cutlery in and a plain yellow storage jar. I have a bit of a soft spot for Bristol Long Line wares as they’re very tactile and functional, and the strong graphic images remind me of Fornasetti’s designs. 

After stating that I wouldn’t be sewing anything else this year in my recent post about my home-made bag, I’ve changed my mind and have brought a skirt pattern. I blame it all on Sew Hip magazine, which I brought for the first time on the strength of the Donna Flower interview. After reading the magazine from cover to cover, I felt quite enthused and searched the web for a pattern that was trendy yet easy to make (I hope!). I settled on the pattern below and am going to make it in the same Amy Butler fabric that I used for the bag – although I won’t be wearing them together!

I’ve also got plans for a furniture re-vamp for summer/autumn after my 'Easiwork' cupboard turned out so well. This will involve repainting and upholstering an old Victorian armchair that I brought years ago which is now languishing in my parents’cellar, and updating a wall cupboard that I’m going to use in the bathroom.

After seeing this photo of a chair virtually identical to mine in a copy of BBC Homes & Antiques magazine, I’m in two minds whether to knit a covering as per the photo or upholster it in patchwork. What do you think?  I’ve also been heavily influenced by a gorgeous Kim Klelund sofa and think that I’ll paint the woodwork in a similar purple colour. I’ll keep you all updated whatever happens.


  1. Oh I like that china. The skirt is very pretty. I love the chair and the idea of the knitted cover but would the cover stretch and go out of shape?

  2. Lovely project! A knitted cover would be gorgeous and give it a lovely tactile quality! Looking forward to seeing the results!
    Tamzin X

  3. I love those jars. I'm really not familiar with them - beeootiful. I'm with Tamzin and KC's Court above. I'd love to see a knitted cover - really unusual and lovely.

  4. May I ask you a question completely unconnected with this post? Can you still get 2-ply wool? I've got some knitting patterns from the 40's and 50's including one for "an elegant vest" and I wonder what one would use.

    Ps. the knitted cover would look fabulous. Why not go the whole hog and knit patchwork?

  5. Good luck with your sewing - the skirt looks very simple to make.
    I think the chair would look good in either patchwork or knitted (not much help an I?)


  6. Hello everyone and thanks for your comments. I really enjoy reading them :-)

    I'm being swayed by the knitting vote! The only problem is what yarn to use. If I use 100% wool, its likely that its going to getted 'bobbled' and there's no way that 100% acrylic is going to get a look in. Also what ply? I think an Aran or chunky yarn is the way to go - moss stitch on the arms and bordering the chair pad like the photo, with the main back and chair panels knitted in cables. Now, what color? I am a purple fan, but it has to be the right shade. Hmmm - decisions, decisions!

    WH - you can still buy 2-ply, try:

  7. Why not try to find a chunky cotton, silk or bamboo yard? I'm think Lion Brand over here makes a chunky cotton. Knitting the cover is a great idea - I'm going to look for a chair to play with! Have a great day! Lisa

  8. I`m so glad to have found your lovely blog!
    Can`t wait to see what you will do to your chair!
    As I just recently got some chairs that need a bit of t.l.c.
    Wishing you well,


  9. Thanks for that.

    If the chair is taying in the room in which it was photographed, you could echo the paintwork colours in the chair; it would give it a nice seaside feel.


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