Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Home Grown Lunch

All the digging, weeding, sowing and hoeing is now starting to pay off. We've had our allotment for nine years now and this year its the most productive its been in years.

The quintessential summer flowers, sweet peas, are starting to twine themselves up the trellis next to the shed and although its not the best display I've ever had, the flowers look and smell gorgeous.

But best of all, today's lunch is totally home grown on the allotment: a lettuce and cucumber sandwich with plenty of Heinz Salad Cream and white pepper, spring onions, radish and a crisp Worcester Pearmain apple.


  1. Ooh like the look of your lunch! As for the sweet peas, we've never been ever to grow them successfully in our garden or allotment (boo hoo). Yours look lovely.

  2. Love the lunch may I join you........? Wish I could grow Sweetpeas!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Mmmm yummy! So happy you like the cushion!
    Tamzin X

  4. I'm hungry! That sandwich looks gorgeous, homegrown produce is the best. I'm envying the beautiful blooms, wish I could grow such beauties.

  5. Ah - I should have kept mine on for longer - gave up after 3 years when I was named and shamed by the nettle police - (allotment committee!). But you're right home grown is the best!

  6. We've had our fair share of warning letters too, but this year I thought that we had better pull our socks up, else we'd kicked off - especially as there is a seven year waiting list!


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