Monday, 7 June 2010

Knitting Patterns and Dress - Up Dollies

This weekend I went on a 'charity shop run' into town, stopping off at a few of my favourite haunts which often have a good range of books and ephemera. It proved to be quite a rewarding day, especially as I found these 'Bairns-Wear' knitting patterns, which are cute, yet practical.

I love vintage knitting patterns, although I do limit myself to buying those that:
a) I will/might knit;
b) are practical knits; and
c) have great period photos.

This little lot hit all of the above criteria and I aim to knit from all these patterns at some point. I particularly love the 1930s sundress and the 1970s dress with the stripey sleeves. Somehow, I don't think these will be listed in Ravelry though.

In the same shop I also found this print, which is so cheerful and reminds me of our camping holidays on the coast.

I also found a copy of 'The Good Needlework Gift Book', which dates from the 1930s; I collect these needlework books (you can see another one in my blog banner). The book contains mainly embroidery designs supplemented by some knitting, crochet and other needlecraft designs. You could send away for the transfers shown in the book and then embroider your own place mats etc. What really made this a special find when I took it home, were the transfers that I found folded up in the book, some of which date from 1935 yet still are as fresh as the day they were printed.

Aren't these 'dress up dollies' pretty? I found them tucked away in a shop corner in two plain brown envelopes and had to buy them. My favourite one is the blonde one, who has a cardboard tag to pull her eyes closed like a proper doll. My daughter is too young to play with them, so I'll put the blonde doll dressed up in her blue dress and hugging her golly, on a high shelf in her bedroom, out of reach of curious hands (for time being anyway!).


  1. Lovely post - great finds! - Just catching up and enjoyed the last two too. Your luck really seems to be in at the moment!

  2. Hello Ticking, yes I've been very lucky in the last two weeks what with the boot sale and Saturday's finds. There's one local shop that I can always rely on to stock interesting books and things, which is where I struck lucky. Hopefully, my luck will keep up.....

    Thanks for reading my blog too :-)

  3. Love the dress up dollies & Thank you so much for visiting & commenting on my blog. Lizzie

  4. Thanks Lizzie. I love looking at everyone's blogs and finding so much in common with them.


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