Monday, 14 June 2010

A Retro Revamp for my 'Easiwork'

Firstly, thank you to my new Followers for signing up! I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

Well, I've just finished revamping my vintage 'Easiwork' cabinet to fit in with my redecorated kitchen, and am so pleased with the results.

I brought my 'Easiwork' about nine years ago at a car boot sale for the bargain price of £20. It was in a very sorry state and had been used to store garden tools. Anyway, I had hankered after one of these for years and promptly brought it, transporting it home on the roof rack of my now long gone Ford XR2i.

I think it must date from the mid to late 1940s, as when I was giving it a thorough clean with sugar soap I noticed that it had the CC41 'two cheeses' utility mark on the back.

Only the vitrolite glass worktop was badly damaged, otherwise it was complete; however, I decided to remove the sliding cabinet doors to make make more room to display my crockery.

To revamp it, I've repainted it white and the back board yellow to match our kitchen walls, and have replaced the worktop with some plain white floor tiles for durability. I couldn't resist buying some very 1950s-esque oilcloth from Cath Kidston to line the shelves and drawers with too. So now my 'Easiwork' has been tarted up and is a much loved piece of practical furniture.

I use it to store some of my favourite pieces of kitchenalia, like my 'Homemaker' dinner service, which is slowly filling up the shelves of both top and bottom cupboards!


  1. Loving the cabinet - and all that Homemaker Wow - not to mention the Berylware...

  2. Hello Ticking, me love Homemaker!!!!!

    I've been collecting it since the early 1990s and picked up most of it up at car boots (I've never come across the elusive coffee pot or teapot on my travels) although I haven't seen much of it about in recent years.

    I try not to be too precious about it though and will use it if I've got friends coming round for dinner. It always gets compliments, which is lovely.

  3. Beautiful blog! The cabinet is just gorgeous! I'm a textile student so I'm afraid have no excuse to buy beautiful pieces of furniture as I don't have a house of my own to decorate but one day I will!! All these blogs are just so inspiring! Tamzin X

  4. Hi Tamzin, thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate all the feedback. I know what you mean about inspiring, its great to be amongst like minded people.

  5. It looks fabulous! Quite a bargain too. Love all the china - I'm a bit of a china hoarder myself!


  6. Thanks Jayne, the china hoarding is starting to get a bit of a problem re: storage! I've still got some of mine boxed up in my parents' cellar!

  7. Wow, I am so jealous it is gorgeous ! What a bargain, it looks fab with your 50s china. Lucky you.
    Ann x

  8. Hi Ann, I couldn't believe it when I saw it for sale. I had to snap it up there and then. I counted my lucky stars that I had the roofrack on the car!

    Thanks for following my blog too.

  9. This is gorgeous! I love the colour of your wall too!


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