Sunday, 20 June 2010

Boot Sale Show and Tell

I visited some car boot sales yesterday and early this morning and as I enjoy reading blogs about everyone's boot sale finds, I thought I'd share with you mine from this weekend.

The sales provided some fab kitchenalia. I brought a 1963 edition of Mrs Beeton's Everyday Cookery and The Daily Telegraph's Definitely Different recipe book dating from 1958 as I love their covers and the retro food photography inside.  They'll soon be snuggling up to Hugh F-W on my kitchen bookshelf!

I've also added to my crockery collection with the Woods Ware 'Iris' jug, the cute egg cup (perfect for when we get our chickens next year) and the homely brown teapot with its mottled banding.

I have a long standing love of food packaging tins for which I have to thank Mr. Robert Opie as his packaging museum was my favourite lunchtime haunt when it used to be housed in Gloucester Docks. So, I was pleased to find the pretty Huntley and Palmers triangular biscuit tin yesterday. Its emblazoned with violets and even has the original paper contents list stuck onto the base, and very tasty they look too!

On one stall, a lady was selling off some of her needlework collection. Unfortunately someone had just brought her collection of vintage Stitchcraft magazines as soon as I reached the stall (gutted!). I consoled myself by buying some knitting needles, a vintage needlecrafts book and a glorious embroidered  table runner and matching napkins; the level of skill in these is amazing.

However, I have saved my favourite find to last.

Found hiding half rolled up under a chair at this morning's sale was this amazing wool rug. Even the colours are still bright and its in a lovely condition. It now has pride of place in the front room.


  1. Great finds, I love the biscuit tin and the lovely linens.
    Ann x

  2. What brilliant finds! Very jealous as I got nothing at the car boot this weekend! I love the linen and the the rug, oh and the lovely coloured knitting needles!

    Tamzin X

  3. Hi Ann & Tamzin, thanks for your comments. It did take me a trawl of three boot sales to come up with this stash of goodies, but at least it was a productive weekend. I'm so pleased with the rug though, my daughter now lies on it playing with her Sylvanian families as she says that its 'comfy'.

  4. Hi just found your blog, can't knit for toffee though, I collect old cookery books and egg cups plus lots of other things I don't need :)

    nice to meet you

  5. The smell of chocolate from the local H and P factory wafting on the night air is a favourite childhood memory of mine.

  6. Hi Cate - at last, someone else who collects old cookery books! You sound like me re: collecting things you don't need! And thanks for following my blog

  7. Hi Thud, that sounds like a great childhood memory to me - but did it make you feel hungry for chocolate all the time? ;-)

  8. I've just discovered your blog through Unmitigated England. All Hail Vintage Knitter!

  9. Hello Wartime Housewife thanks for popping by and saying hello. Good old Unmitigated, eh?

  10. Thanks for your nice comment, Lisa. I just had to buy it!


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