Friday, 18 June 2010

Bag Lady Sewing Blues

I've had a go at quite a few 'hands on' things over the years: from welding (I burnt holes in the sheet metal with the welding torch), to leaded glass (I've still got a panel for the bathroom window that's half completed) and tapestry (there are only so many cushions that a home can have).

Yet, the most elusive thing for me is sewing.

I'm blessed with two most practical parents: a Dad who can woodcarve and make great pottery plates and a Mum who's amazing at sewing who used to make all my clothes when I was little.

Although Dad's artistic genes were passed down to me, unfortunately Mum's sewing genes seem to have gone AWOL in the genetic programing process.

I've struggled to make even the most simplest of dresses for my daughter, ruined my sewing machine by forcing it to sew through layers of wadding on a quilt for said daughter (I gave up and handed it to Mum to finish) and cannot sew a straight hem.

However it was the chance discovery of a beautiful fabric design by Amy Butler, that inspired me to have another go at sewing. The fabric reminds me of a vintage tea dress and I thought that I could make a simple bag out of it.

So, after a bit of effort, especially with the lining which I struggled with, I'm pleased to present my summer bag for 2010 - all my own efforts!

That's my first and last sewing project for 2010 - apart from a cushion cover in the left over fabric - well, perhaps you can't have enough cushions after all!


  1. Gorgeous fabric! The bag looks lovely, great lining, well done!!
    Tamzin X

  2. Great bag, love the fabric.
    Ann x


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