Friday, 21 May 2010

Just off the needles: 'Gracie' Shrug

Last night I finished off the 'Gracie' shrug for Monkeychild that was featured in the June 2010 copy of Yarn Forward magazine. It was my first ever attempt at lace and to be honest, it didn't really grab me, especially as the photo in the magazine shows a far shorter sleeve that that used in the pattern, which threw me for a bit. However, I did rate the  yarn that I used, which was Koigu that I had brought from Loop . I'll definitely be knitting with this yarn again, perhaps for a pair of winter mittens.


  1. Aww it's lovely :0)
    I'm not a fan of variegated yarns that have been knit up [they always look better as a skein to me] but the colours in the Koigu look really nice! I must try some :0)

  2. Thanks for your comment dee. I'm a Koigu convert now after knitting this, although I think its quite expensive so I'll be limiting myself to knitting small items.

  3. I looks lovely though! Well done. I agree, I thought I was never coming to the end of the sleeve, but was pleased with the end result.


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