Thursday, 17 July 2014

Pause: Rewind

Its been nearly a month since I last blogged hence the 'Pause' in the title, but I finally completed Monkeychild's playsuit ready in time for her early birthday party last Sunday.

I used a retro sewing pattern and some very funky fabric from eBay liberally scattered with cassettes and yes, I had to explain to Monkeychild what cassettes were and the fun that I used to have making up mix tapes for my friends.

It was a very straightforward pattern and the only mod that I made was to add a belt-loop to the back. As you can see, Monkeychild was working a very 1980s retro look and getting ready to paaartay!!!

Jumpsuit: made by Mum, belt: eBay, gloves: Blue Banana, Nail polish: Barry M, loom band bracelet: model's own!

So what's next? Well instead of making something from the large stash of patterns that I brought last month, I'm making this dress from a 1970s pattern I brought off etsy:

Fellow blogger and mate, Gilly B, recommended Fabric Land in Bristol to me, so I checked it out and found this plum-coloured fabric with turquoise birds on it for a reasonable £3.69 a metre. Its a shift-style dress with darts, which is meant to be worn with a belt. I really like the large scoop-neck and its got large patch-pockets too - gotta have pockets! I've already made good progress with it so far, so hopefully it won't take me too long to finish.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Sew Back in Time

There is something to be said for nipping into your local charity shop at the end of the day, like I did last week when I spied a large box of sewing patterns tucked under one of the shelves. I was rustling through it when one of the shop assistants said "I've just put that out, there's some interesting patterns in there. I've brought a few myself". First dibs: one of the joys of working in a charity shop! 

She had left some great patterns and I had a varied choice to pick from. They were mostly from the Sixties and Seventies, with a few from the Fifties and earlier. But what was brilliant was their sizing as they included some larger sizes instead of the usual smaller sizes that tend to crop up. Here's a selection of what I brought:

I love the packet illustrations as they're so of their time. Look at these:

Empire line, neo-Regency, bell sleeves, shift dresses - what's not to like? 

Now all I have to do is choose which one to sew first. 

By the way, I have finished off Monkeychild's jumpsuit that I blogged about last time. It's washed and pressed, and ready for its first wear. I just hope that this weather stays hot and sunny enough for her to wear it out and for me to photo for a future post.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

'Hollyburn Skirt' Pattern Review

You could be my flamingo 
'Coz pink is the new kinda lingo 
Pink like a deco umbrella....

...sang Aerosmith in their song 'Pink', which is not a colour I'd ordinarily choose to wear but when its flamingos printed on fabric like this, then I'll happily change my mind.

Regular readers might remember my previous post about making the equivalent of 1950s novelty print skirts, but using modern novelty prints and Sewaholic's Hollyburn Skirt pattern instead. Well, after a few weeks of busily stitching away amongst other things, I have finished off both:

Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens: 'Papillon'

Now, I'm not a very confident sewer and certainly not Great British Sewing Bee material, but I found these skirts an absolute doddle to make. I made 'View C' and pieced it together in no time at all thanks to the very easy-to-follow instructions. 

However, after I had brought both the pattern and material I realised that I hadn't thoroughly read the notes on the back of the packet which clearly states: Not recommended for plaids, stripes or one-way designs. Of course numpty here had brought fabric with one-way designs. Doh! 

I ended up spending at least double the time cutting out the pattern and trying to line up the designs at the seams so that they matched; however, it can be done if you're patient, so don't let this put you off from using one-way designs with this pattern. Otherwise, I can deffo recommend this pattern and its one I'll be using again at some point. I'd love to use some bright floral bark-cloth next time though but that'll have to wait as this is my next project...

...a 1990s jumpsuit pattern. I'm making the one on the left for Monkeychild using this music design fabric, which is great and certainly appeals to her tomboy nature. Although I did have to explain to her what music cassettes were when she pointed them out and asked what they were!

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