Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Bargain Hunt

Its been a while since I last wrote about my charity shop/flea market finds so I thought I'd do a quick update for you, as I've picked up a few bargains during my recent outings.

First is this St. Michael 1940s 'Controlled Commodity' CC41 apron with its 'two cheeses' label. I was really pleased to find this at a local flea market and brought it for a couple of pounds, which is a bargain especially as CC41 items are getting harder to find. With a wash and press, its come up quite nice. I usually buy aprons for their fabric, aiming to cut them up and re-use the fabric elsewhere; but this one will be staying in one piece I reckon.

As I'm a big fan of picnics with all the trimmings, there was no way that I was going to ignore this 1970s Preci Ware 'Pac-a-Pic' picnic box.

Its lucky that the boxes still have their full complement of plastic cutlery, compartment lids and tumblers. However, the elastic straps had perished resulting in a 'saggy bottom' when lifting up the box, so I replaced them with new identical elastic strapping and re-attached the toggles and its as good as new! 

I also brought this lovely picture...

I saw an identical one at a flea market a few weeks ago, which was badly faded but was still being sold for £30! There's no way I'd buy one at that price, so I was more than happy to buy this for a lot less. The frame was a bit grimy, but a quick wipe-over with sugar soap fixed that and restored the frame back to its glowing whiteness.

I also picked up some more 1940s Stitchcraft magazines too, which will help complete the gaps in my collection...


... and even Husband got in on the bargain hunting, buying a rather large linen Union Jack flag after hankering after one for quite a while. The stairwell of our loft is the only place in which it'll fit - just about!

So, what's been your recent best bargain? Do tell...

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Seventies Shift

Well, I've finished sewing the shift dress I mentioned in my previous post and have to say that I'm really pleased with how its turned out.

I used a 'Vogue: Very Easy' shift pattern from the 1970s and it was true to its word, being extremely simple to construct and with only seven pieces to cut out and sew.

The dress' plus points are two big patch pockets, the large scooped neckline, short sleeves and well-placed darts, which give it a bit of shape. The only drawback is the back of the neck doesn't fit as close as I'd like it to, but that's not a big problem really.

I can see myself re-visiting this pattern again soon as this could well be a wardrobe staple from summer through to autumn. Now, what fabric should I use next?.......

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Pause: Rewind

Its been nearly a month since I last blogged hence the 'Pause' in the title, but I finally completed Monkeychild's playsuit ready in time for her early birthday party last Sunday.

I used a retro sewing pattern and some very funky fabric from eBay liberally scattered with cassettes and yes, I had to explain to Monkeychild what cassettes were and the fun that I used to have making up mix tapes for my friends.

It was a very straightforward pattern and the only mod that I made was to add a belt-loop to the back. As you can see, Monkeychild was working a very 1980s retro look and getting ready to paaartay!!!

Jumpsuit: made by Mum, belt: eBay, gloves: Blue Banana, Nail polish: Barry M, loom band bracelet: model's own!

So what's next? Well instead of making something from the large stash of patterns that I brought last month, I'm making this dress from a 1970s pattern I brought off etsy:

Fellow blogger and mate, Gilly B, recommended Fabric Land in Bristol to me, so I checked it out and found this plum-coloured fabric with turquoise birds on it for a reasonable £3.69 a metre. Its a shift-style dress with darts, which is meant to be worn with a belt. I really like the large scoop-neck and its got large patch-pockets too - gotta have pockets! I've already made good progress with it so far, so hopefully it won't take me too long to finish.

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